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Ok so we all know I love a good hookup now and then. But have any of you experienced an man immature boy that left you wondering “how the fuck did he even get with me?!”

I recently met a guy. From grindr but at a bar. He seemed like a nice guy. But I should’ve known when he said he was just enlisted in the military and not an officer, that he was trouble. (Thanks Taylor swift)

I got kicked out of his room because he was getting upset that I wanted him to kiss me during sex.

Has that happened to you??

Like ….. he had this small dick. He should be grateful I was willing dreading to suck it in the first place. (Thank god I wasn’t sober). So if I’m not making an issue over your 3″ small hard dick. Why the fuck are you making an issue of kissing me during sex and saying that I’m moving to fast?? Moving too fast is saying I want to see you again before you pull your pants down.

Being normal is having passion during sex. Well at least I can choose to be celibate the next 5+ years. Thank god for masturbation.

What is up with men?! Sometimes I wish I were just a lesbian.